Every Pakistani should check SIMs Registered against his/her CNIC

PTA has recently launched a simple service to check number of SIMs registered against your CNIC. imagesIt’s advisable for every Pakistani to use it at least once because thanks to the connection resellers and other small businesses, your CNIC may have been used for others and your own number may not be in your own name. Interesting enough, I found five Mobilink SIMs registered on my name though I have none of those. I’ve an additional Telenor SIM that was not registered on my name. A colleague Raheel had thirteen SIMs on his name (may be enough for the Marriot attacking team). This is dangerous since legally you own the SIM and will be responsible for any criminal activity done via this SIM. So, I suggest everyone should check it using the simple SMS service.

How to Use the Service

From Web

Click here (http://pta.gov.pk/668/) to open the web site of 668 service from PTA. It will open the following web page, where you may enter your CNIC in a field provided and press the Submit button to get required information. Please note that you have to enter your full CNIC with no gap or hyphen (like 6110160645683). Obviously, it’s free of cost.

Check SIMs Registered on your CNIC

Using Mobile Phone SMS

It’s simple: just type your CNIC and send it to 668 and it will send you in reply the number of SIM for every operator.

Write 3749127299334 and send it to 668.

You will get a reply with number of connections issued against this CNIC for 6 companies (Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor, SCO and Ufone).

Service won’t tell you cell numbers, instead it will actually tell you count of numbers – for instance, Mobilink 3,    Ufone 3,    Telenor 2,    SCO 0,    Warid 0    Total 8.

Cost of Consuming SMS Service

Initially, it’s set to Rs. 2 + Tax and it’s worth its cost.

What to do for those unwanted SIMs Registered on Your Name

PTA recommends to contact the service provider for correction. Most of the telecom professionals are recommending to go to the service center of the network that has those SIMs and ask them to block those SIMs (since legally you own them).

Service Quality

Though the service is very useful the quality of service is not excellent and many users have reported delayed response or no response at all, some others got response on retry.

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20 Responses

  1. Again its a consumer who has to suffer. 13 Sims are registered at my NIC and most strange thing is that I’ve never ever used Telenor in my life but 3 sims of Telenor network are registered at my NIC. I think that there should be some penalty at the service providers for leaking and mis-handling such a confidential information of their valuable customers. But then come in my mind that we live in a country named Pakistan and one can say “It happens only in Pakistan”.

    • To a major extent, the uncontrolled SIM reseller system was responsible for that but more vulnerable is that other small businesses (that have nothing to do with SIM reselling) and even operator franchises have been found guilty in these cases.

  2. Dear Shahid Sahab

    Thank you. Fortunately there is Zero SIMS in my name but I am using two, which I registered myself.


    • Your SIMs might have been registered on someone else’ name and if it is the case, you will have to get those on your own name (may be tricky). For this, there is a link (http://a.com.pk/2009/check-ownership-of-your-sim-mobile-connection/ ) given at the bottom to check your own registration. You may use this service to discover that on whome’ name your SIM is registered.

      • Dear Shahid Sahab

        Thanks. I checked from Mobilink and the SIM is registered in my name. I wonder, why is Zero SIM’s in the PTA’s database?

      • Strange!!! It must not happen, are you sure you typed and sent correct CNIC number and that when you checked from mobilink, it returned exactly the same CNIC number? Please confirm, if it is the case, I will try to get the attention of PTA on this since it’s too bad for the consumer.

  3. Same thing happened, 3 sims of telenor registered ii my nic , never used telenor ever.
    I am using warid sim and it is reg in my name. PTA record shows 0 sims . I think their record is messed up.

    • Dear Uzair

      There may be errors in the record but one may not ignore the SIMs being shown in his name. Even if PTA records are incorrect, if on an criminal incident, I get involved since PTA’s records showed my name, I’ll have to face problems. So, better consult the concerned operator and get it confirmed. Many people have found irrelevant SIM registered in their names.


  4. saer My use Mobile Number
    on Number to CNIC 41303-618868-7 ………!!!

    • Dear Ghulam Mustafa

      Sorry, I’m unable to understand your question, may you please explain it. And please note we are not providing some service, instead we are just telling about a service that you may use to check how many numbers registered against your CNIC. For any confirmation or action, please contact the outlets of your mobile company (Mobilink and Telenor in your case).


  5. thanks God ihave only 2 sims and i know which number but i check correctly tocall centre

  6. thanj God i have only 2 sims and i think inow the numbers but i cheh it franchise to detail when iam going pakistan InshAllah

  7. only this sims belonged to me
    Please note my numers(others sims are illegal)

    • It’s good that this article helped you but dear no need to tell us these numbers, instead go to a Mobilink Franchise and fill their form over threre.

  8. Dear Sir,
    sorry to distrub you, actually i am facing one problem and i hope you will solve that i am living in UAE and my family in pakistan my family receiving a lot of misscall usually its come on one number some one distrubing us so i want to know who is he if there is any website where i can inquire or any possible way i can find out the person .
    Need your help.
    Malik Naeem

    • Dear Naeem
      Thanks for your the appreciation but you need to do this the other way round. Instead of trying to know the details yourself, you need to log complaint to the mobile network of the caller. They will ask for the time(s) he/she calls and will warn him/her. Keep on following the network, if the caller doesn’t stops calling, they may even block the number in extreme case.


  9. sir mare cnic card pe do number han me wo janna maloom karna hai wo kon se number han plz mujh batao mobilink do han sir wo kon se number hai plz cnic 45302-0388419-9 ya hai

  10. AOA dear sir mere nam pr 5 sims hain aur mai sirf 2 sims use kr raha tha mai ab ksa main hun koiy link btain sir mai number dekh kr kon kon sa mere nic pr hai phir unko band krwa skun

    • Dear It’s a private information and neither me nor any web site may reveal this. You need to check on which network you have the numbers and go their customer care for support. Show your CNIC and they will help you get the SIMs or block those.


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